Nefrocure dialysis center
Center for kidney diseases and dialysis


Our priority is your well-being!

Welcome to our Nefrocure dialysis center  in Lugano.

The medical team at the dialysis center specializes in nephrology and provides advice on any kidney problems and hypertension.

A nephrologist is present during every hemodialysis procedure. In addition, a nephrologist is available for advice or emergencies 24 hours a day.


Dr. Curzio Solcà

Specialist in nephrology and general internal medicine, Swiss Medical Association (FMH)
If you are patient undergoing dialysis,  our main objective will be to offer you an optimal treatment and make your stay with us as pleasant as possible during dialysis. You can find all the information about our huge range of services here

Comfort and well-being

  • Peaceful and well-lit environment
  • Dialysis stations equipped with internet access
  • Snacks available during hemodialysis sessions
  • Comfortable, electrically adjustable dialysis chairs
  • Daily newspaper

Medical treatment and safety

  • Modern dialysis and osmosis machines
  • Treatment according to the high Swiss standards
  • Nephrologist always present
  • Multi-lingual staff (doctors and nurses) with years of experience
  • Nephrology outpatient clinic on the same floor
  • Collaboration with hospitals and clinics in the Region

Counselling service

  • Our dialysis center offers counselling services aimed at regular patients.
  • The social worker listens to and supports the patient and their family and offers information and advice. In addition, at the request of the patient, the social worker will conduct an assessment of the patient's social situation and the resources, seeking to promote their independence and social integration in any way possible.

Our center mainly provides long-term dialysis, also we do also offer dialysis for people on holiday.

The Nefrocure dialysis center is located in Lugano, where the mix of Swiss and Mediterranean culture makes it one of the most beautiful regions south of the Alps. Our guests come from Switzerland all other European countries.

Our team's doctors and dialysis professionals speak Italian / German / English / French / Serbian and have years of experience in dialysis, nephrology, and internal medicine. We collaborate with fellow doctors, clinics, and cantonal hospitals.

Your health insurance will also cover the costs of your dialysis from us. Please bring your health insurance card with the European symbol on the back and proof of identity. We will handle the administrative matters with the health insurance provider. There will be no additional costs for you.

Ente turistico regione Lugano
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