We are specialists, recognized by all health insurance providers, with expertise in:

Nephrology / kidney disease:

- acute and chronic kidney diseases

- prevention and metabolic analysis of diseases that cause kidney stones

- pathological urinalysis (e.g. presence of blood, proteins, urinary tract infections...)

- inflammation of the kidneys and bladder

- evaluation and treatment of electrolyte and acid-base disorders

- preparation and treatment of patients with kidney transplants

- hemodialysis and hemofiltration


Internal Medicine:

- arterial hypertension (high blood pressure)

- metabolic diseases, in particular lipid metabolism disorders

- advice on and treatment of cardiovascular risk factors

- general internal medicine consultation


We are specialists and work closely with GPs and with all the different hospital institutions in the Region; we also guarantee a valuable collaboration with the Department of Nephrology of the Inselspital university hospital in Bern.

You can contact us directly for an appointment on:  +41 91 966 28 40